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Since I created my site, and it was in 4th quarter of 2007, my aim was to show how my career will roll in trading on U.S. stock exchanges. I join proprietary trading firm in Poland. I merged with the proptrading industry, i.e. companies of Proprietary Trading Firm. At the beginning it was a branch

A lot of people, who want to start to invest on US Stock Markets, don’t understand the difference between trading in Proprietary Trading Firm and opening a standard account (retail account) at the broker. It is worthwhile to draw the attention to few important aspects that will help you to assess what kind of account

A lot of people would like to relate their professional career with financial markets. Purpose which motivates it, above all, is to be as close as possible to stock exchanges, close as possible to emotions that accompanied it. Consequence, obtaining next certificates: investment advisor, CFA, series # etc. Actually, above certificate isn’t a requirement to