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In the last article I described two tools used by me in daytrading on US stock markets: Level II and Time and Sales. Today I will present, some of tape reading strategies based on reading from tools mentioned above, which you can use in day trading investments.

Tape Reading, reading from the tape, it’s one of daytrading strategies, which deepening can help in maximization of your profits and to reduce losses. It is trading strategy, which is well-suited in day trading investments on the stock markets. It is worth to emphasize that reading from the tape enables to capture specific setups (systems,

Happy New Year! Another year in my trading career and also another year for this blog. Today I will publish links to articles that were most readed in 2016. I hope you will enjoy it. Maybe you will find there some articles that you miss. As always, all materials that I published based on my

In monthly trading reports and in articles I recall pre market trading. That is in premarket hours so before 9.30 A.M. I would like to introduce you to this subject matter, so you could understand how it differs from trading during regular market hours. Many of you, in fact, associate the market only with regular

Time and Sales window, so-called Tape, shows useful for daytraders information, containing the most detailed information of concluded transaction on the market (for the given stocks). Traders, including above all those using algous to trade, use information from TAS. Firstly, you should totaly understand what is TAS windowsa and get know about ECN’s (Electronic Communication

In recent days we can see DRYS Company on the board. Withing 11 sessions it increased from 0.3$ to 102$. It is really unprecedented movement. For me DRYS Company was not so obvious – with volatility, spread. It is trading not up to my style. However, this movement I also used on companies, on which

As a trader, I can go on vacations at any time. And how it looks in practice? There are always better and worse moments in trading during the year. From experience I already know, which periods are usually more suitable for holidays, because on the market then stagnation prevails. Wherever is it always? Unfortunately, but

More than a year has passed since my son came to this world. I’m not gonna bullshit, it was a really hard year for me. But also very happy! Who has a child knows 🙂 I will say honestly that I was afraid how the fact of having a child at the beginning will affect

For me, finding right stocks to trade is the basis allowing me to start considering potential gains from transactions. That is why I am so interested in finding the so-called hot stocks, in the case of which the potential for preparing a setup for my trading strategies is decent. In order to find such companies,

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