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I wire out my trading profits monthly, so my balance of profit/losses on the first day of month is on 0. I could say that every month I start from the beginning. But that is far from truth. I will just tell about them today and also how important is good risk reward ratio and

“I promise that I will never do it again!!!”… How many times you said it when you repeated the same mistake on the stock-market, which led to losses, reset account, or sometimes to carry out profits, but not in accordance with your assumptions? Trading mistakes are the most common problems for begginers.

“Damn, again I missed out a good position… and I’ve been waiting for it so long”. Did it happen to you? And what did you do? Did you chase the position despite everything to open it? And maybe the next time you decide to anticipate the move in order to be in the position that

I’m a person, who has really big problem with a longer concentration on one specific thing. Therefore, I try to seek solutions that will help me to restrain my problem. During trading I need to focus. In the following post you will find my advice how in a better way to concentrate during trading and

You place an order and it turns out that it was only filled partly or somebody for a split of second overtook you gathering orders at better price. Did something like that happen to you? For me it’s very often, which lead to damn irritation and suspicions, that somebody on the market knows more and

You want to begin trading on US Stock Markets? And you would like to use a similar platform, which I use? If yes, this article is prepared exactly for you. You will find here a description of the most important functions on trading platforms – which seem crucial to me in terms of daytrading. The

Recently I exaggerated. Overtrading carried me; as a result I missed the moment in which the following transactions a little changed. However, a turnover generated by me much changed, as well as unnecessary costs. Overtrading rarely happens to me. I got rid of it quite effectively already a long time ago. But from time to

“In order to start trading it is necessary to have a lot of money” – I can hear quite often from persons, who loudly think above trading or investments. “What amount you Tomek think it is worthwhile to start adventure in daytrading?” – another question, which for years and readers often ask me.