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Did you ever think how to reduce commission in trading? Did you ever calculate commissions that you pay to the broker for a possibility to conclude transaction? Do you know that with a use of proper tools, you can avoid the commission? Avoid or considerable reduce transactions cost. Hereinafter you will find advice. All is

It is second article from series: “Trader Road”. Click here if you wanna read first “I want to be a trader, best at once”. Think how much time you spend on your hobby. And how much time you should spend on it to be really good. Analogies are here really needed, because they show the

A lot of people, who want to live from the stock market, want to be a trader. A of crouse the best to achieve it overnight. Stock exchange, whether it’s shares or forex or forward transactions, tempts with unlimited profits. Therefore, to this world wishes to join many of you! Here you will find how

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