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Hello! My name is Tomek; I’m an author of this blog/service from 2007. Then I began in a full dimension my work as trader. The hobby changed into realistic profession, which became my main source of incomes. And it just, already from the beginning of studies, was a dream of mine. I’m glad that it was possible before my graduation.

Now I’m already thirty years old, I have wider experience and a different perspective on how development in trading might look like, as well as great distance to what was instilled on studies in relation to “being an investor” 🙂 I decided that I preferred to be a trader.

A few words how I started

In 2004 I started to interest in financial markets. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I couldn’t calmly sit on my ass, I wasn’t rationally and reasonably looking at my trading. Forex and Warsaw Stock Exchange – were the first one. I got a good lesson from the market: both in terms of profits and alternated losses. I won’t be certainly original to say that hard-earned in vacation money I quickly spent on the stock-market. Unfortunately: twice 🙂

Meantime I began studies – and how it is possible to guess the stock losses hurt all the more due to poor student pocket 😉 But the experience which I gained nobody will take back from me. Of course, it is always more pleasant when it doesn’t bring financial losses. But losses are an essential part of the play on stock market – you have to get used to.

But seriously

In 2007 I began my work at the bank – for six-month. It was the first and I think that the last job in my life. Quickly I quit my job, when a possibility to start trading appeared in the Gliwice office of Trade Swift Company. Trade Swift was one of the world’s oldest companies of Proprietary Trading type, which offered trading on American stock exchanges. And so from the last quarter of 2007 up to half of 2011 I trade in Trade Swift – on American stock exchanges. It was an amazing period – height of booms, and then moments which traders will remember for years – that is slump. A better school of trading the market couldn’t give me. I remember this period very nice – I can boldly say that trading changed much my perception to possibilities which are around. Because just you appoint your limits – not the boss, not a job or a scale of remuneration!

Change of trading style, on typical daytrading – that is opening and closing position during one session, from the beginning brought me positive results. I started to evaluate my results under monthly summary profit. Here I must show off, from September 2007 by now (March 2015) I didn’t finished any month with a minus. It is in my opinion not any feat, but it consists of many factors and constantly updated. I will write about them repeatedly on Day-Trader.pl.


My trading desk 🙂 Photo was done last year – but I’m still using the same workstation.

2011 it was a year of change – I left the trading office – I established my own: already as the remote trading group – RemoteDayTrader.pl. For me it was a great change, from this moment the entire financial risk already laid on my shoulders (and unfortunately there were adventures with brokers or collapsing trading company). But each of these situations a man comes out stronger and with a greater diligence chose new partners. As a remote trader – my profits significantly increased, and most importantly % which I obtained from them. Taking into account that daytrading it is a considerable dose of stress – time which can be devoted to it (the older man) begins to shrink 🙂 The better % from profits, it is a shorter time which I must devote on trading. And definitely much more time which I could/I spend with my beloved wife and child 🙂

For what all of that

At the beginning I had a blog tomekprzybycien.blox.pl – it was a kind of diary. I recognized that if I’m able to conscientiously and systematically do what I assumed (and in 2007 it started by analyzing of S&P 500, which was helpful for me in trading strategies on which I worked), so in other fields there will be also regularity and holding to principles.

Over the years I cooperated and I met a huge number of traders – which created a quite big cross section of the society as a whole. The conclusion was one – everyone can try trading. Not everyone must stick to it, but if you won’t try – you won’t find out. It is for all those who are still undecided what to do. For those who already found their path. Just for you is Day-Trader.pl.

Keep in mind that I’m not a so-called trading guru or a mentor, which many search for. I’m a guy who 11 years ago tried after a few years already serious business approach to the subject. If I managed to do it, you can also 🙂

I keep my fingers crossed!


Trip to Costa Rica 🙂

I always think that it is necessary to learn from better than yourself. I constantly search for outstanding traders, who I can observe, particularly in terms of issues related to risk management, emotions and psychology. If somebody wants to share his knowledge and skills – why not to benefit from it 🙂 Experience which is acquired for years, it may be useful for someone who just starts or stands at a crossroad regarding his place in the world of stocks.

I wish you all success in the stock market – remember that they don’t come easily – it is really hard work, but it can be rewarded!

All the best in trading!
Tomek Przybycień

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