Daytrading video – long/short on PGF with 7000$ profit


Finally I added subtitles to video about few transactions that I made last year on PGF during big drop on markets that took place on 24.08.2015. Here are few transaction (from over few hundreds) that I made on PGF.  This is a section in which you can watch some of my Daytrading video.

Below you can find daytrading video on which I open short and 2 long position on PGF and close it with profit. All with my comment about the reason why I opened it and closed. Profit +7000$.

Daytrading video – Short and longs on  PGF

I opened short position before market open a little over 18.00$ and close it at 17.00$. Then I opened long position at 13.51$ closed it at 16.00$ and another one at 12.75$ that I also closed at 16.00$. All within just seconds. Profit: 7000$.

Daytrading video

 You will hear about it in video below (to see subtitles just enable english subtitles on video below):

Here are some charts of other stocks with incredible move – some of them I also traded:








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