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Prop trading – Remote Trading on US Stock Markets


The subject matter of Remote Trading on US Stock Markets in Poland started in the rough for my matter. Here I’m completely honest, because I know what my merit was, that many proptraders moved, changed their conditions on much better and started to receive payout that reflects the work, which they had to do. Of

Proprietary Trading Firm – for whom


Since I created my site, and it was in 4th quarter of 2007, my aim was to show how my career will roll in trading on U.S. stock exchanges. I join proprietary trading firm in Poland. I merged with the proptrading industry, i.e. companies of Proprietary Trading Firm. At the beginning it was a branch

Proprietary trading – my story on how did I start


In 2005 I made a decision that I want to try my strength in the proprietary trading office, as a trader on U.S stock exchanges. I graduated the first year of studies and such an idea day by day appeared in my head. I just come across on the net on advertisement of the Trade

Why prop trading? Prop trading .vs retail broker


A lot of people, who want to start to invest on US Stock Markets, don’t understand the difference between trading in Proprietary Trading Firm and opening a standard account (retail account) at the broker. It is worthwhile to draw the attention to few important aspects that will help you to assess what kind of account