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RemoteDayTrader Group – for years I used services of numerous proptrading companies. Based on experience I decided, in cooperation with one of the most respected companies, to establish own proptrading group – RemoteDayTrader Group. It is currently the largest group, which offers proptrading in Poland. Thanks to that I trade on a very low commission level. Of course, we are focused on American stock exchanges – NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX.

Proptrading Company enables day trading on companies listed on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. What’s important: we trade directly on the market, rather than on CFD derivative instruments.

Amongst advantages of opening an account the particular attention deserves:

1. Very attractive level of charges – rates, which you won’t receive at any regulated broker. The rate on a level of 0.00075$ for persons without trading history. Lower negotiated rates for people who already have experience and provide the track record.
2. No Pattern Day Trade Rule – no requirement of 25 000$ deposit in case of accounts that meet the objectives of daytrading account. No requirement of 25 000$ deposit results from the fact that broker isn’t registered directly under SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). The company requires performance bond – on a level at minimum 3000$.
3. ETB list – list of companies, on which it is possible to trade on declines. At such a huge number of companies listed on American stock exchanges, the possibility of trading on declines also gives the trader much more opportunities to earn.
4. HTB list – paid list of companies, on which it is possible to trade on declines. Not always all companies can play on shorts by a free ETB list. In such a case, it is possible to order from the outside company of paid shorts.
5. Professional trading platform – Sterling Trader – one of the most professional trading platforms in the industry.
6. Huge number of routes: ECN, Dark Pools and Smart Routers.
7. Buying POWER – trader receives an additional trading capital, even on a level of >30-50x in relation to performance bond.

Amongst disadvantages that characterize the broker I will point out:

1. Payout split – it is possible to recognize it both as advantage and disadvantage. In relation to additions: buying power and low commission level – trader must share the profit with Proptrading Company. Standard division amounts 80/20. That is 80% for the trader, and 20% for the company.
2. Location – agreement is signed with the proptrading company, not a broker. Therefore, funds aren’t protected.
3. Entitlements market data – traders are treated as PRO. Therefore, rates for stock market data are on the highest level.
4. Platform fee – also monthly fee for the platform is charged.


Proptrading Company is in my opinion the best offer for very active daytraders. For persons who generate a large volume of daily turnover. This account is worthwhile to open only if you are interested in daytrading on American stock exchanges.
For many years I build this market in Poland, and I’m aware of the fact that cooperation with proptrading companies in large part is based on trust among current traders, as well as reputation which has on the market.

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