Stop blaming and start trading!


Fuck….. I did it again. This time it was supposed to be different, this time it supposed to come off. It’s all over, every day ad nauseam.

I’m waiting, waiting, and waiting… ok how much time I’m supposed to wait, so I’ll go to make a tea. I come back and… Fuck… my entry just slipped out. And it was so good. Well, it doesn’t matter; I chase the stock, because after all I had a good plan.

Please, let it return. Observe how the entire market increases, and you are decreasing. Certainly, right away you will return. I will move slightly, just in case, the stop loss as if you were supposed to return, just not to lose. Fuck it, since I started trading two months ago, I also risked, and it rarely returned. Well, there is always a faith in us!

Okay, I select, I feel that it is a golden shot. I will enter strong. After all, I’m already trading for the second month. It’s after all a great experience. Admittedly, I don’t have results yet, but my friends post their results, and they are only profitable. Profits for me, it is only a matter of time. In demo account I had bigger minus and I dealt with it. I’ve read somewhere that emotions in trading will appear in real account, but I’m strong. I have a strong psyche.

Fuck… it didn’t return. Well, I will pay a bit extra for the deposit; all the more that recently my friend on the group showed off with super strategy. I have a few pointers, it looks good. He still is showing off with great results, so it must be it.

OK, I’m starting from scratch. The money was supposed to go on holidays, but most probably this time I will double my profits, and there will be for holidays and for something more. My girlfriend will be proud of me.

Begin with smaller positions – experienced traders used to say, but they alone trade bigger. Probably they want to cheat me, so I wouldn’t earn. Fuck them… I will trade hard, because I can see the cert. The more, I’ve asked on the forum, what they think and most said that would also trade this way. I’m opening the positions; there will be cash from it.

Fuck… I can forget about my holidays. How I’m supposed to tell my girlfriend about it?

——————————————– Day Trading stocks

The end of the year is for many people a period of shit-hot decisions, from which most ends only in our heads. Above are presented stories of many persons, who just begin on the market. However, different can only be its variations.

To the end of the year you still have some time. You should start working today.

I don’t trade without the plan. When you are sick you go to the doctor. When you do as in story above – you will leave it to the fate?

No, you must change it. Or else you will say so regularly, until you will give up.

Start from:

  • treating trading as a business, as a serious matter

  • writing down what so far was the best for you

  • working on own niche

  • establishing objectives in different times, but what’s important along with each step as the objective is supposed to be carried out and what are your plans to carry it out

  • adapting the size of traded position to your account balance, savings

  • increasing traded positions according to the increase in results and account balance –this way you will avoid situation in which emotions take control

  • taking care of health and happiness in other aspects of life – because everything somehow interacts



  • from experience and help of well-know traders. You know that behind them adequate results that appeared in the right time. Don’t listen to anonymous persons – you never know what troll is sitting on the other side

  • from gained experience and intuition

  • from trading rooms, where you have a chance to meet very good, but also unselfish traders (people’s word that when somebody earns doesn’t socialize – it’s total nonsense, I’m an example)

  • from conversations of other traders – continue to develop, because the market sooner or later changes (don’t catch on too late)

Don’t look:

  • at the results of other (you don’t know them at all, their approach to risk, you don’t know whether they have large savings from completely different business, and which allow them to trade with far bigger freedom), or insistently you will start to aspire to them day by day

  • at the signals of other traders (everyone has a different style, different strategy, different approach to risk. What’s most important, the fact that someone will come out with some good results in a row, doesn’t mean that annually earns. Stability above all)

I wish you a successful planning and most important of realization! For summing up the year for me is still time 🙂

What are your excuses from hard work in trading? And at the same time from losses 🙂


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