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Fuck….. I did it again. This time it was supposed to be different, this time it supposed to come off. It’s all over, every day ad nauseam. I’m waiting, waiting, and waiting… ok how much time I’m supposed to wait, so I’ll go to make a tea. I come back and… Fuck… my entry just

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In recent days we can see DRYS Company on the board. Withing 11 sessions it increased from 0.3$ to 102$. It is really unprecedented movement. For me DRYS Company was not so obvious – with volatility, spread. It is trading not up to my style. However, this movement I also used on companies, on which

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As a trader, I can go on vacations at any time. And how it looks in practice? There are always better and worse moments in trading during the year. From experience I already know, which periods are usually more suitable for holidays, because on the market then stagnation prevails. Wherever is it always? Unfortunately, but


From time to time I meet with quite surprising identifying effective strategies, with something that needs to be complicated, secret, etc. For years I trade using the simplest assumptions of technical and volume analysis – I recognize the simplicity and this brings effects. Why to it mix up? The strategy not has to be complicated.