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Recently quite a lot of new traders joined my proprietary trading group Very often the same mistake is repeated, or rather is an outline of action. They want too quickly and too much πŸ™‚ The goal in each of them is the same, to earn as soon as possible. Of course, these are good


Day trading strategies – scalping. It is strategy that I have been using since late 2007. In this strategy I try to catch mostly few cents of move or up to 15-25 cents. All depends on situation and potential of move that can be generated. In article below you will find description of this strategy

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Once again, let me remind you how important it is to prepare for the session. Sometimes it happens to miss a good entry on companies, so we look how to join the movement. However, in daytrading the moment of entry is crucial, therefore a good preparation for the session will enable to capture a greater

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Trader’s potential is determined by harmonizing of a few important features, which affect the shape and diversity of transaction. Personality features (this subject will be described by me very often), and the use of principles while investing is also a kind of foundation, which in combination with rational and consistent use of own investment strategy

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In the last article I described two tools used by me in daytrading on US stock markets: Level II and Time and Sales. Today I will present, some of tape reading strategies based on reading from tools mentioned above, which you can use in day trading investments.

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Tape Reading, reading from the tape, it’s one of daytrading strategies, which deepening can help in maximization of your profits and to reduce losses. It is trading strategy, which is well-suited in day trading investments on the stock markets. It is worth to emphasize that reading from the tape enables to capture specific setups (systems,