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Recently quite a lot of new traders joined my proprietary trading group Very often the same mistake is repeated, or rather is an outline of action. They want too quickly and too much 🙂 The goal in each of them is the same, to earn as soon as possible. Of course, these are good

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From time to time you may notice on the market that the company, which one day was for e.g. 25 cents, on the next day is 6.5$. Or one day from 120$ the company is suddenly worth 20$. In each of these cases, the news that appeared on the company may be responsible for it.

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“Hello, are you still interested in the subject of investment? I’m calling today to talk about it. Of course, I won’t give you at once the most hot company for this moment. At the beginning I need to be sure whether I want to work with you”. It is basically one of the calmest conversations

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In recent months, again, I focused more on cheap stocks; on so-called pump and dumps, about which I already wrote repeatedly. Pumps are companies, which not necessarily on the basis of any news – generate a very strong growth movement. As soon as it comes to the increase, it may also move downward; resulting in

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Trading doesn’t forgive mistakes. But nobody forbids you to eliminate them. Losses can be painful and may lead to frustration, which constitutes a large dose of stress. It is necessary to find the balance and a way to shake off the stress. Do you have such? Control  emotions – easy to say but hard to


Day trading strategies – scalping. It is strategy that I have been using since late 2007. In this strategy I try to catch mostly few cents of move or up to 15-25 cents. All depends on situation and potential of move that can be generated. In article below you will find description of this strategy

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Once again, let me remind you how important it is to prepare for the session. Sometimes it happens to miss a good entry on companies, so we look how to join the movement. However, in daytrading the moment of entry is crucial, therefore a good preparation for the session will enable to capture a greater

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Happy New Year! Another year in my trading career and also another year for this blog. Today I will publish links to articles that were most readed in 2016. I hope you will enjoy it. Maybe you will find there some articles that you miss. As always, all materials that I published based on my

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In monthly trading reports and in articles I recall pre market trading. That is in premarket hours so before 9.30 A.M. I would like to introduce you to this subject matter, so you could understand how it differs from trading during regular market hours. Many of you, in fact, associate the market only with regular

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Fuck….. I did it again. This time it was supposed to be different, this time it supposed to come off. It’s all over, every day ad nauseam. I’m waiting, waiting, and waiting… ok how much time I’m supposed to wait, so I’ll go to make a tea. I come back and… Fuck… my entry just

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