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Recently quite a lot of new traders joined my proprietary trading group Very often the same mistake is repeated, or rather is an outline of action. They want too quickly and too much 🙂 The goal in each of them is the same, to earn as soon as possible. Of course, these are good

Articles Stock split

From time to time you may notice on the market that the company, which one day was for e.g. 25 cents, on the next day is 6.5$. Or one day from 120$ the company is suddenly worth 20$. In each of these cases, the news that appeared on the company may be responsible for it.

Articles Low float stocks

Low float stocks (the number of shares available for trading for a particular stocks) are of exceptional importance for me during a session. Why is that? Especially due to remarkable changes of their price. Why do I focus especially on the „float” coefficient while checking statistics of companies? I am going to tell you more