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In recent months, again, I focused more on cheap stocks; on so-called pump and dumps, about which I already wrote repeatedly. Pumps are companies, which not necessarily on the basis of any news – generate a very strong growth movement. As soon as it comes to the increase, it may also move downward; resulting in

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Trading doesn’t forgive mistakes. But nobody forbids you to eliminate them. Losses can be painful and may lead to frustration, which constitutes a large dose of stress. It is necessary to find the balance and a way to shake off the stress. Do you have such? Control  emotions – easy to say but hard to


Day trading strategies – scalping. It is strategy that I have been using since late 2007. In this strategy I try to catch mostly few cents of move or up to 15-25 cents. All depends on situation and potential of move that can be generated. In article below you will find description of this strategy