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Articles pump and dumps

In recent months, again, I focused more on cheap stocks; on so-called pump and dumps, about which I already wrote repeatedly. Pumps are companies, which not necessarily on the basis of any news – generate a very strong growth movement. As soon as it comes to the increase, it may also move downward; resulting in

Articles Control emotions

Trading doesn’t forgive mistakes. But nobody forbids you to eliminate them. Losses can be painful and may lead to frustration, which constitutes a large dose of stress. It is necessary to find the balance and a way to shake off the stress. Do you have such? Control  emotions – easy to say but hard to

Articles Best investing books

There are certain stock market-related books that one simply has to read. They will help you understand how to create strategies, develop as a trader, and guide you in terms of the psychology of trading. I just love when book are practical in character. They should not include absolute basics that can be found on

Articles Money

Today I invite you to read the guest article which Paweł Strojny wrote. I met Paweł a few years ago by organization of the second edition of DayTrader Event conference. I invited him then to conduct a lecture which in some way brought psychological issues up. He concentrated on “Distortions of the rationality of decision-making

Articles Profitable trading

Before I started regularly to make money on the stock-market, I forced my way through most of trading instruments, intervals and strategy. Was it worthwhile? It was. But I’ve lost a lot of time and a little money. I don’t even regret money, because losses are a form of the learning, from which I most

Articles Attitude in trading

Every trading session I start with a quite positive attitude. I wrote about it already repeatedly, how important good preparation from the mental side is. Today I would like to approach the subject a little bit differently. I will try to show you how attitude in trading can affect your results. How not to expect