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Articles Internet provider for trading

Internet connection to trading – which kind, from which internet provider, for how much not to overpay? These are just a few questions concerning the choice of Internet provider for trading, but it is worthwhile to answer them. I often hear question, what kind of connection I have and why. I will try today to

Articles sympathy plays

In recent days we can see DRYS Company on the board. Withing 11 sessions it increased from 0.3$ to 102$. It is really unprecedented movement. For me DRYS Company was not so obvious – with volatility, spread. It is trading not up to my style. However, this movement I also used on companies, on which

Analysis After hours trading

After hours trading on VXX. From time to time I trade during post market. Especially when there is a volatility during market hours. Here you will find one example of my trades during post market. Below you can find day trading video on which I long VXX. Position gave me 288$ in profit.

Analysis Day trading video

Trades on MGT from last week. This is just a piece of what I did last week on MGT. It was my top stocks recently. I like this kind of move.. from 20 cents to >5$, and then quick move to 2.60$. That’s huge! Here you will find another day trading video from session. Below

Articles Advantages and disadvantages of daytrading

Before I became a daytrader, I tried to invest in different intervals – from several days of investments to nearly 1 year. There were profits, losses; generally for me it wasn’t worth the effort. In spite of different assumption in keeping the position and I sat by most of my free time at the graphs.

Articles Profitable trading

Before I started regularly to make money on the stock-market, I forced my way through most of trading instruments, intervals and strategy. Was it worthwhile? It was. But I’ve lost a lot of time and a little money. I don’t even regret money, because losses are a form of the learning, from which I most

Articles Intuition in trading

I’ve always had in the head thoughts to close in certain, brightly described frames – that what I trade. So that the signal of strategies played by me would appear and announced where I’m supposed to enter, and where to leave the position. This would allow me to automate my strategy, and thanks to that

Articles Attitude in trading

Every trading session I start with a quite positive attitude. I wrote about it already repeatedly, how important good preparation from the mental side is. Today I would like to approach the subject a little bit differently. I will try to show you how attitude in trading can affect your results. How not to expect

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