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Trade Ideas – is a real-time scanner on US Stock Markets. I’ve been using it for years and it saves me a lot of time! From time to time there are some great rebate on Trade Ideas and OddsMaker. The best deals you will find on For all visitor special Trade Ideas promo code that will save you 15%!

Below you will find information how to get Trade Ideas Promo Code for both Trade Ideas Basic and Premium products.

First of all, start with reading Trade Ideas review. You will know exactly why I use Trade-Ideas. What advantages it gives to traders, especially for day trader on US Stock Markets.

Trade Ideas – is a real-time stock scanner on US Stock Markets. I’ve been using this stock screener for years and it saves me a lot of time! Check out how big edge gives you Trade-Ideas in trading. Here is my Trade Ideas review.

Below you will find my review of Trade-Ideas. I’ve been using it since 2007 and it really save a lot of time. What is more important it gives me great signal at real time. I can’t imagine checking day by day 8000 stocks listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX. Additionally for all readers special 15% coupon code for products.

Read my Trade Ideas Review –  Stock Screener.

Trade Ideas promo code

If you are a new clients to Trade Ideas products you can save a lot of money by using Trade Ideas promo code that I offer on my website. This Promo code is working for 100% so you can be sure that you will save even up to $285 when buying Trade Ideas products. When you use Trade Ideas Promo Code mentioned below you can get huge discount on the first month or first year purchase if you subscribe.

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1.  Trade Ideas Basic and Trade Ideas Premium  15% cheaper with “15BEDAYTRADERPL” promo code! Use Trade Ideas products, including Artificial Intelligence in best price!

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I would like to buy Trade Ideas Basic or Trade Ideas Premium with 15% rebates.

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Trade Ideas Basic and Trade Ideas Premium – 15% cheaper

For all readers there is a special offer – save 15% so even 283$ for Trade Ideas products!

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How much you can save?

When buying Trade Ideas Basic:

  1. 84$ instead of 99$save 15$ for monthly subscription
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When buying Trade Ideas Premium:

  1. 160$ instead of 188$save 28$ for monthly subscription
  2. 1605$ instead of 1888$save 283$ for yearly subscription

Wanna get any better Trade Ideas Promo Code?

There is a way to get it. You should simple subscribe for Trade of the Week. This way you will not only get great signal once per week for stocks with great possibility for a big move. You will also receive email when any special promotion better than 15% occur. You should know that it happen from time to time and then you can save 20-25%.

Get free training with Trade Ideas support

When buying Trade Ideas you will get 1 hour free training with Trade Ideas. This can help you much especially when you have some questions or just want to understand how Trade Ideas works better.

Check some Trade Ideas alerts – Trade Ideas in real market

For those of you, who are using Trade Ideas or will purchase it I share some of my Trade Ideas alerts. In articles below you will find Trade Ideas alerts in cloud – so you can easily add it to your Trade Ideas.

  1. Trade Ideas alerts for “Low float stocks” – check how do I find low floaters on the move. What are low floaters? These are stocks with low number of shares available for trading. They can move up very quickly, on huge spikes.
    Trade Ideas helps me to find this kind of stocks very quickly, many times before the big move. You can find my alerts in article (link is above).
    Example of low floaters on the move:Low float stock
  2. How to find hot stocks with Trade Ideas – some pre market alerts that I’ve been using for find stocks with the biggest potential for big volatility during session.
    Hot stocks attract greater number of traders, so volatility and volume could increase much. Below chart with example – check how volume increased before spike up. And compare it to day before.Hot stocks

Soon I will ad more interesting Trade Ideas alerts, so you can use it and I hope it will help you! I hope this will help you in understanding how Trade Ideas works and how do I find stocks to trade.

If you wanna read more about Trade Ideas: here is my Trade Ideas review. Trade Ideas Basic and Trade Ideas Premium  15% cheaper with “15BEDAYTRADERPL” Trade Ideas promo code! Use Trade Ideas products, including Artificial Intelligence in best price!



  1. TradingKid1998 on

    many thanks for the reply on YouTube. Very good article. Very good scanner. Thats how I found $BSPM today 🙂 wonderful. Quick question… On the Scanner “Short Float %”. What does that mean?
    Jamie Dewhurst

    • Sorry for my late answer, but I was travelling whole October.

      Short float – number of outstanding shorts available on this stocks. But honestly most website has no actual numbers. SO I don’t care about that too much.

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