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Here you will find my Trade Ideas review and Trade Ideas promo code that will save you even $283 when purchasing Trade Ideas products. Trade Ideas is a real-time stock scanner on US Stock Markets. I’ve been using this stock screener for years and it saves me a lot of time! Check out how big edge gives you Trade-Ideas in trading. Here is my Trade Ideas review.

Below you will find my review of Trade-Ideas. I’ve been using it since 2007 and it really save a lot of time. What is more important it gives me great signal at real time. I can’t imagine checking day by day 8000 stocks listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX. Additionally for all readers special 15% coupon code for products. I’m one of the biggest partner of Trade Ideas not only as an business partner but also as a trader who have been using it for almost 10 years now!

Why do I use Stock Screener Trade-Ideas? My Trade Ideas review

Trade Ideas promo codeFirst of all it saves me a lot of time. It is completly imposible to research more than 8000 stocks that are listed on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX at the sime time. Moreover it also scans stocks listed on Pink Sheets and OTC-BB. Also Toronto Stock Exchange. That’s a lot!

Imagine that you are looking for stocks that i.e. moves more than 5% up/down on 3 times higher volume than normal. It will take you probably few days to scan all stocks listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX. When using Trade Ideas you need just to set up particular alerts (which is very easy to do) on Trade Ideas – and all alerts will be done automatically in milliseconds or few seconds!

To try Trade Ideas you should start with this steps:

  1. Click this link for one month subscription: Trade Ideas 1 month subscription.
  2. Save 15% with my Trade Ideas Promo Code: 15BEDAYTRADERPL
    With link above + and my Trade Ideas promo code – you will pay only $85 instead of $99 for 1 month subscription. Just about $3 per day. This is less that you spend on commission with your broker.
  3. Check all featuers based on my help which you find below.
  4. Start using it on daily basis. I am sure that you profits will increase really soon. But you need to prepare all filters and alerts that will suit your strategy.

You would rather like to check it without paying? No problem. You can do it. There are two possibilities:

  1. Join weekly QA/Webinar – and check demo account.
  2. Join Trade Ideas Trading Room – where Barrie will show you how Trade Ideas works and also based on his filters/alerts you will check it in action. Could be any better than that?

But please remember that Trade Ideas Demo account offer 15-20 minutes delayed data. You are also not able to upload your symbol list and has no charting capabilities.

Trade Ideas demo

Trade Ideas introduction

In this Trade Ideas review you will find out how to use Trade Ideas, which Trade Ideas alerts and filters are most important when day trading on US Stock Markets. I will also show you some example of how to use it appropriate so you will find your edge on markets. This is really you chance to change your trading, your preparation for each session. When trading, the most important thing is to have an edge. Trade Ideas gives it to you. You wanna take it? I think so!

Here is video explaining of how Trade Ideas works and what it is for. Check it out:

What kind of alert Trade Ideas has?

Trade Ideas is very easy to customize. You can choose between:

  1. Alerts based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, charts .etc
  2. Alerts based on all things regarding to price, volume .etc

There are also a lots of build in scanners which are prepared by Trade Ideas team. I don’t use them – but by using them you can learn how to use Trade Ideas.

Special promotions:
Trade Ideas Basic or Premium 15% cheaper with “15BEDAYTRADERPL” coupon code! Click this link and use this great rebate!

Trade Ideas Alerts

When using Trade Ideas you can browse between more than 300 different Alerts that Trade Ideas offer. All these built-in Trade Ideas alerts are easily to customize by you. Just put in specific fields parameters that you would like to have. So easy? Withing miliseconds you will see result in Alerts windows. Then you can modify it, so you will finally set the best alerts for your strategy.

Trade Ideas alerts

Below you fill find list of most used Trade Ideas alerts:

New high | New lows
These alerts appear any time there is a print for a higher or lower price than the rest of the day. Highs and lows are reset once a day at a time determined by the exchange.
Pre market movers | Post market movers
Pre-market highs and lows show the highest and lowest prices of the morning. This only includes the pre-market prints, which are not part of the normal highs and lows.
Large ask size | Large bid size
These alerts report when a stock has an unusually high number of shares on the best bid or ask. These are very short term alerts aimed at very fast, experienced traders.
Crossed daily high resistance | Crossed daily low support
The crossed daily highs resistance alert reports whenever a stock crosses above any previous day’s high for the first time since the end of that previous day. The crossed daily lows support alert reports whenever a stock crosses a previous day’s low for the first time since the end of that previous day. These compare the current price to the daily highs and lows for the past year.
Large spread
These alerts tell you when the specialist’s spread for an NYSE stock suddenly becomes large. Large is at least 50 cents. If the spread changes multiple times in a short time period, you’ll only be alerted the first time.
Move above open
These alerts appear any time a stock changes between being up for the day, and being down for the day. These compare the current price to the price of the open. Daytraders typically use the open, not the close, to decide if a stock is up or down for the day.
This alert appears when a stock price is changing significantly less than normal. The volatility of the stock sets the expected price range for a stock price. Statistical analysis determines if a consolidation is strong enough to report. If the software detects consolidations on multiple time frames, it reports the most statically significant time frame. On average the software reevaluates each consolidation every 15 minutes, but the exact time depends on how quickly the stock is trading. The analysis is based on the majority of trades, weighted by volume; outlying prints may be ignored.
High relative volume
This alert appears when a stock is trading on higher volume than normal. Normal volume is based on the average volume of the stock on several recent days, at the same time of day. Historical volume data is broken into 15 minute intervals. Current volume must be up a minimum of 50% over the historical average before this alert is reported. If the current volume is at least 3 times the historical average, the alert description includes “very high relative volume”. Current volume may be smoothed out; if volume in one time period is below average, it will take more volume to cause this alert in adjacent time periods. Distant time periods also affect each other, but to a lesser degree.
1 minute volume spike
This alert shows when a stock has an unusual amount of volume. This is similar to the high relative volume alert, but the timeframe is different. This alert only looks at one minute candles. Like the high relative volume alert, this compares recent volume for an alert to a historical baseline, and that baseline can vary from one stock to the next and from one time of day to the next.
Strong volume
This alert appears when a stock is trading on significantly higher volume than normal. Normal volume is based on the average total volume of the stock on several recent days. Current volume is the volume between midnight and the current time.
Stocktwits activity spike
This alert notifies the user when a stock’s social activity is significantly higher than normal for a given time of day. This alert is based on proprietary data from StockTwits. StockTwits uses a combination of human and machine intelligence to curate social media, removing spam and highlighting important stories.
Consolidation breakout | Consolidation breakdown
These alerts describe a consolidation breakout pattern. This pattern starts when a stock price moves only a small amount for a sufficient amount of time, creating a “consolidation” pattern. We first report an alert when the stock price moves outside of the range of the consolidation pattern. If the price continues to move in the same direction, and it moves quickly enough and far enough, we will report additional alerts.
Trade Ideas Filters

Based on Trade Ideas Filters you can specify which type of stocks are you looking for. Wanna just filter stocks in price range $1 to $5? No problem. Wanna that they need to have gup up at least 35 cents at particular day. Easy to do. What is more… you would like to find only stocks that have 3 times higher volume than normal? Also easily to customize.

Trade Ideas filters

Trade Ideas offer more than 250 specific filters that you can set up. Below I described these that are mostly used by traders all over the world.

Price range
Want to filter stocks by price range. This is the easiest way to do that. If you would like to search only for stocks in example 5$ to 20$ price range you can add this filter.
Bid | ask ratio
This filter is another way to see which stocks have a lot of inventory at the bid or the ask.

Some stocks always have a lot more shares at the NBBO than others. By expressing the size as a ratio, rather than a fixed number, you can find stock which stocks are unusually high or low. You can use the same filter values for different types of stocks.

What is the minimum / maximum spread between best bid and offer price.
Average daily volume
You can filter stocks by average daily volume – in shares or in dollars.
Relative Volume
These compare the current volume for today to the average volume for this time of day. These all refer to the standard volume numbers, which are reset every night at midnight.
1 minute volume
This alert shows when a stock has an unusual amount of volume on 1 minute candle. It always shows where happen something unusual.
Average true range
Average true range make it possible to filter stocks that have specific range per day or the range is higher than normal.
Gap up | Gap down
These filter stocks based on the size and direction of the stock’s gap. Want to find stocks that open i.e. 73 cents lower than yesterday close? This is the easiest way to do that.
I love to trade low float stocks. This filter allow you to filter stocs by it float.

Float is the total number of shares available for trading. Float is calculated by subtracting closely-held shares (restricted) from the total number of outstanding shares.

Position in Range

These filters compare the price of the last print to the high and the low for the day.

Position in consolidation
These filters compare each stock’s current price to a recent consolidation pattern. These filters are based on the same 40 day chart and the same chart pattern as the previous filters.
Trade Ideas Demo + access to weekly Webinars

If you wanna know Trade Ideas better – join Weekly Product Demo and Q&A. On Wednesdays they review the Trade Ideas Pro platform and technology and introduce new and upcoming features. Following the technology and features portion, they will open the floor for any questions regarding using Trade Ideas and their services.

How to join it Webinars and try Demo account? Just: Register now.

Some examples of how to use Trade Ideas during market session

Below you fill find video of how I use Trade Ideas during session. It is my Trade Ideas review that I made on Youtube few years ago. Since then nothing changed, just Trade Ideas imporved much more since then, so it is even better.

More videos you can find here: Trade-Ideas youtube channel

What is the price of Trade Ideas and AI Strategies + Backtesting module: OddsMaker?

For Trade Ideas Real-Time Stock Scanner you can choose between two plans:

  1. Monthly: 99$/month.
  2. Annual: 888$/year.

What is included in this price:

  • Trade Ideas Pro
  • Trade Ideas – Pro Charts
  • Trade Ideas for Web
  • Real-Time Exchange Data
  • Free 1-on-1 Training
  • Free Backtesting (10 OddsMaker uses)

There is also version Premium for Trade Ideas. In this version you get access to Artificial Intelligence: Holly Grail and to Backtesting Module: The OddsMaker.

For Trade Ideas Real-Time Stock Scanner and AI Holly Grail + OddsMaker you can choose between two plans:

  1. Monthly: 188$/month.
  2. Annual: 1888$/year.

What is included in this price:

  • Trade Ideas Pro
  • Trade Ideas – Pro Charts
  • Trade Ideas for Web
  • Real-Time Exchange Data
  • Free 1-on-1 Training
  • Backtesting Module: The OddsMaker
  • Artificial Intelligence: Holly Grail
  • Price Alerts

Below you will find how to get Trade Ideas promo code – which will save you even $285! That is incredible deal that you should take advantage of!

Free Day Trading Chat Room

Trade Ideas offer great free day trading chat room for all traders. What is important – it is for free. You don’t need to be Trade Ideas client to join this free chat room.

I do really recommend joining it. Why? There you will find how Trade Ideas works, check signals, talk with other traders etc. Moreover you will find there Barrie Einarson who is leader of this chat room. Based on his Trade Ideas Screener you will see how he trades supported with Trade Ideas Signals. What is more – you can meet there CEO of Trade Ideas – Dan Mirkin.

Join Trading Chat Room – everyday from 8 A.M. till 4 P.M.

Trade Ideas review – why you should consider buying it

I’ve been using Trade Ideas from 2008. I do recommend using Trade Ideas if you are an active trader. Cost is not too high, in my opinion if you have good strategy, TI could even improve it – and the money that you need to pay for 1 month or even 1 year subscription will refund in one good trade.

Almost all trades that you can see on my Youtube Channel – PolishDayTrader are based on signals that I get from Trade Ideas. I think this is the best Trade Ideas review. If you see real trades and you know that they are based on Trade Ideas Stock Screener that work in real time.

Some examples of how it works and what happen then:

Trade Ideas review

Stock Screener

If you wanna check how I use Trade Ideas during market session, you can check two articles that I wrote about using Trade Ideas alerts. It gives me huge EDGE. I can find hot stocks quicker than most traders on the street. All is up to you. I think this kind of tools can only improve you trading results.

Special promotions:
Trade Ideas Basic or Premium 15% cheaper with “15BEDAYTRADERPL” coupon code! Click this link and use this great rebate!

Trade Ideas Artificial Intelligence “Holly”

Recently Trade Ideas add to products something new, something that you probably never heard about – Artificial Intelligence “Holly”. Maybe not a Holly Grail of trading, but product that could help you with finding setups, signals with great probability of success.

Holly not only seeks great signals but also help you with position management (help with setting stop loss, taking profit etc).

Want to lear more about holly? Check it: Artificial Intelligence Holly.

Trade Ideas promo code – 15% cheaper

For all readers there is a special offer – save 15% so even 283$ for Trade Ideas products!

  1. Visit Trade-Ideas website:
  2. Choose package:
  3. Buy it and save even 283$ rebate with coupon code
  4. Use special Trade Ideas promo code: 15BEDAYTRADERPL
How much you can save?

When buying TI Pro Stock Screener:

  1. 84$ instead of 99$save 15$ for monthly subscription
  2. 755$ instead of 888$save 133$ for yearly subscription

When buying TI Premium Stock Screener:

  1. 160$ instead of 188$save 28$ for monthly subscription
  2. 1605$ instead of 1888$save 283$ for yearly subscription

Check some of my Trade Ideas alerts

For those of you, who are using Trade Ideas or will purchase it I share some of my Trade Ideas alerts. Here is how I use this Stock Screener when day trading. In each of articles mentioned below you will find my alerts that you can download from cloud. So in just few seconds you will get access to it. Please read it carefully, beacuse it might help you with using my alerts in really good way:

  1. Trade Ideas alerts for “Low float stocks” – check how do I find low floaters on the move.
    Low float stocks might move very quickly up on higher than normal volume. You are able to find the moment right before price explode. Here you will find Trade Ideas alerts and filters that I used to find low float stocks right before move.Trade Ideas Reviews
  2. How to find hot stocks with Trade Ideas – some pre market alerts that I’ve been using.
    Finding right stocks to trade is the most important thing if you wanna succeed in trading. Finding hot stocks to trade – so stocks with higher profitability of success rate and higher volume / volatility increase your chance to earn on stock market.Trade Ideas promo code
  3. Trading on pump and dumps – how to both trade on quick pump&dump stocks that have no news
    Wanna find stocks right before it explode? By simple Trade Ideas alerts you are able to find it. Just watch cheap stocks with higher volume ratio than normal.Trade Ideas promo code

I hope this will help you in understanding how Trade Ideas works and how do I find stocks to trade.

If you like my Trade Ideas review you can share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks in advanced for that 🙂

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