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First of all, start with reading Trade Ideas review. You will know exactly why I use Trade-Ideas. What advantages it gives to traders, especially daytraders. Artificial Intelligence for only $8.88!

Between February 6th 2017 and February 10th you can reserve your spot and get access to Artificial Intellingence for only $8.88! I think this is the best way to test how it works and decide whether it will help you with your trading.

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How Artificial Intelligence “Holly” works? You can check it in video below:

With the Premium Test Drive, you’ll experience:

  1. Artificial Intelligence driven insight including real, statistically tested strategies performing in today’s market environment.
  2. Full access to the Live Trading Room, Support Webinars, and more.
  3. A community of experienced investors sharing their insight alongside our AI and scanning technology.

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Really worth it!

I have been using Trade Ideas since 2007. This it the greatest stock scanner on US Stock Markets. It gives me great edge. Imagine checking 8000 stocks on daily basis… Trade Ideas do it for me in just miliseconds.

On my Youtube channel – PolishDayTrader you will find a lot of videos from my trading session. Most of these signals I get from Trade Ideas Pro stock scanner.

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