[Video] Daytrading – nice move on WUBA


Today I will show you one of my recent trade on WUBA. The most important thing is to take profit. Many traders are very greedy. Always want to have bigger profit on position. All in all they close it with loss.

Below you can find video on which I open long position on WUBA and close it with profit. All with my comment about the reason why I opened it and closed.

Long onΒ  WUBA

I like WUBA chart. Was waiting for breakout above .50$. It was supported by tape reading analysis: big lots.


Profit: 0.20-22$, 0.43$ and 0.57$. Why I haven’t wait longer to have bigger profit? You will hear about it in video below (to see subtitles just enable english translation on below video):

Some mistakes that are offen made by begginers

Begginers want to be a millionaire at once πŸ˜‰ That’s why they offen are not albe to close position, because they want to have bigger profit.

10 years ago I did the same. All in all I realized loss. Why? Because I never had a plan. My plan was just to have a profit. But I had no idea what to do when price suddenly drop etc. Please remember to always have a reason to open position and plans what you will do when something change on market. You should always know the reason behing closing position. And you should always have no doubt when it is time to close your position, even with smaller profit.

Remember that even small profit is better than big loss.


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