6 Best Free Stock Charts


If you are starting your education about trading stocks, you should for sure use free stock charts. It will help you to understand technical analysis, price action and what is important: prepare your own strategy.

Here you will find free stock charts that I do recommend for you. All of them have different functionality, interface, but all of them are easy to use.

Below you will find my top list of Free Stock Charts. I hope  you will enjoy it!

Best free stock charts

Frist of all – remember that most of free stock charts offer delayed data or are limited to BATS/EDGA data. So on low volume stocks not always chart will look the same as in real (where there is data from all exchanges).

Please check Trading Tools that I use everyday when day trading. This will help you to understand which tools are the best for day trading. Please check also Best Free Stock Screeners that I’ve been using and recommend for you.

FreeStockCharts.com – Stock Charts

FreeStockCharts.com is my number 1 on list. I have been using it when analysis S&P 500 on my website and also for some analysis that I make on my stockwatch list.

I like the interface and options. It is very easy to use, especially if you don’t need any rare indicators. For technical analysis it is very good. What is important – data is in real time. But based on BATS/EDGA books.

Free Stock Charts

TradingView.com – Stock Charts

TradingView.com has very nice offer if you are looking for good software for chart analysis. Great interface and offer. What I like here – in comparison to FreeStockCharts.com – is that you have a “magnet mode” which is very helpful when drawing lines.

If you haven’t checked it yet, you should try.

Free Stock Charts

BigCharts.com – Stock Charts

BigCharts.com I use mostly for checking long term charts. In free version – you don’t have a lot of options, rather basics functionality. I need this charts for checking OTCC-BB, Pink Sheets charts which I don’t have on my trading platform.

Free Stock Charts

StockCharts.com – Stock Charts

Stockcharts.com with almost the same functionality like BigCharts.com. I use this system very rarely, but I know that it is often used by traders.

Freee Stock Charts

Zignals – Stock Charts

Zignals.com also very nice website with charts. But it is mostly for traders with long term view – not for day traders. Mostly because of the fact that the minimum interval is 15 minutes.

Free Stock Charts

Sterling Trader Pro – Stock Charts

SterlingTrader.com last but not least 🙂 It is system that I’ve been using during trading session. I need very basic charts – don’t need indicators so just candlestick, volume. That’s all. But there are also indicators build in platform. You can request for a demo account with charts here: request demo.

Free Stock Charts

Do you need Real Time Stock Charts?

If yes, you should open a real account. Then you will have access to real time charts.

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