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After Open House, Trade Ideas offers great deal for all traders – 20% promo code. This promotion will end on 17th of April. So you have just 2 days. This is the best, the most functional and ideally prepared for trades – Real Time Stock Screener. The best deals you will find on Below

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Fuck….. I did it again. This time it was supposed to be different, this time it supposed to come off. It’s all over, every day ad nauseam. I’m waiting, waiting, and waiting… ok how much time I’m supposed to wait, so I’ll go to make a tea. I come back and… Fuck… my entry just

Trade Ideas – is a real-time scanner on US Stock Markets. This is the best, the most functional and ideally prepared for trades – Real Time Stock Screener. There are few amazing promotions coming out soon. The best deals you will find on For all visitor special Trade-Ideas promo code that will save you

There are certain stock market-related books that one simply has to read. They will help you understand how to create strategies, develop as a trader, and guide you in terms of the psychology of trading. I just love when book are practical in character. They should not include absolute basics that can be found on

I am frequently asked: „Tomek, how did you manage to find that company” or „Tomek, how is it possible that you have found such an intriguing company before it has increased in value notably?”. Answer is only one.. I use best free stock screeners and also one that I need to pay for. It is

If you are starting your education about trading stocks, you should for sure use free stock charts. It will help you to understand technical analysis, price action and what is important: prepare your own strategy. Here you will find free stock charts that I do recommend for you. All of them have different functionality, interface,

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