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Lighspeed Trading – one of the most popular online broker that offer trading on stocks and options listed on US Stock Markets. I do really recommend them if you are going to start trading on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. Also great for options traders. They have got one of the best offer – great rates for both very active and swing traders.

Lightspeed make it possible to trade on stocks listed on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. Also you have acces to trade options. What’s important: we trade directly on the market, rather than on CFD derivative instruments.

Amongst advantages of opening an account the particular attention deserves:

1. Attractive commission – rates depends on volume that you generate or numbers of trade that you make. This way you can lower commission even to 0.001$/share or 4.5$ per trade.
2. Routing – good list of ECNs, Dark pools and routers. You can both take and add liquidity on market.
3. ETB list – list of companies, on which it is possible to trade on declines. At such a huge number of companies listed on American stock exchanges, the possibility of trading on declines also gives the trader much more opportunities to earn.
4. Trade reporting – you are able to analyze your trades and statistics.
5. Professional trading platform – you have got access to different  platform.

Amongst disadvantages that characterize the broker I will point out:

1. Pattern Day Trade – if you are looking for day trading opportunity, you should know that the minimum requirement is $25,000. That will allow you to day trade.
So as you can see I found only one disadvantages – mostly this might be problem for beginners.

But if you are going to open margin / cash account – the minimum is $10,000. So much less.

Demo account of Lightspeed Trading

I you wanna check demo account first – it is not a problem. Just click link below – and request for a demo.

Lightspeed Trading – Request for demo account.


Lightspeed trading is a great broker for active traders on US Stock Markets and Options. Rates that you have will decrease as soon as you start making bigger and bigger volume.

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