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Trade Ideas – is a real-time scanner on US Stock Markets. This is the best, the most functional and ideally prepared for trades – Real Time Stock Screener. There are few amazing promotions coming out soon. The best deals you will find on For all visitor special Trade-Ideas promo code that will save you

In recent days we can see DRYS Company on the board. Withing 11 sessions it increased from 0.3$ to 102$. It is really unprecedented movement. For me DRYS Company was not so obvious – with volatility, spread. It is trading not up to my style. However, this movement I also used on companies, on which

As a trader, I can go on vacations at any time. And how it looks in practice? There are always better and worse moments in trading during the year. From experience I already know, which periods are usually more suitable for holidays, because on the market then stagnation prevails. Wherever is it always? Unfortunately, but

More than a year has passed since my son came to this world. I’m not gonna bullshit, it was a really hard year for me. But also very happy! Who has a child knows 🙂 I will say honestly that I was afraid how the fact of having a child at the beginning will affect

Since I created my site, and it was in 4th quarter of 2007, my aim was to show how my career will roll in trading on U.S. stock exchanges. I join proprietary trading firm in Poland. I merged with the proptrading industry, i.e. companies of Proprietary Trading Firm. At the beginning it was a branch

For me, finding right stocks to trade is the basis allowing me to start considering potential gains from transactions. That is why I am so interested in finding the so-called hot stocks, in the case of which the potential for preparing a setup for my trading strategies is decent. In order to find such companies,

I wire out my trading profits monthly, so my balance of profit/losses on the first day of month is on 0. I could say that every month I start from the beginning. But that is far from truth. I will just tell about them today and also how important is good risk reward ratio and

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